Long Hair, Bangs, and Turtleneck

Woman with long hair and bangs, wearing a turtleneck
Q: I've noticed that women with long hair and bangs often wear turtlenecks, or when it's a bit warmer, a regular t-shirt or sweater with a round neck and no cleavage. Is there a reason for this? I like this look, but why is it so? It intrigues me.
A: The choice of clothing, especially turtlenecks and simple t-shirts or sweaters without a deep neckline, among women with long hair and bangs may be influenced by a combination of practical considerations, psychological elements, and personal style preferences.
A practical reason could be the tendency of long hair to get tangled around buttons, zippers, and other embellishments found on certain types of clothing. Long hair getting caught around buttons of shirts and blouses can get damaged or break. Turtlenecks and other tops without buttons, with their simplicity and lack of unnecessary details, provide a smooth surface that minimizes the chance of hair getting caught. Therefore, they are very practical and comfortable to wear for women with long hair.
In addition to practical considerations, there may also be psychological factors influencing the choice of turtlenecks and simple tops without cleavage. The decision to wear long hair with bangs already suggests a preference for a hairstyle that offers a certain level of coverage. This preference can extend to clothing choices.
For example, turtlenecks have a higher neckline that creates a sense of coziness and warmth, reflecting the protective nature of long hair with bangs. It is conceivable that women with this hairstyle find comfort in the additional coverage provided by a turtleneck. Therefore, you could argue that this combination of clothing and hairstyle indicates a desire to cover as much as possible.
Stylish woman with long hair and wearing a turtleneck
The preference for a sleek silhouette may also play a role in the clothing choices of women with long hair and bangs. Turtlenecks and simple tops contribute to a clean and streamlined appearance. This aligns with the simplicity and elegance of the hairstyle and the desire for hair to fall freely and naturally. This preference for simplicity may extend to a desire for a simple and efficient wardrobe, where versatile basics become favorite clothing items. This minimalist approach to clothing also enhances the overall visual impact of the hairstyle.
Clothing choices are highly subjective and personal. They usually reflect a woman's lifestyle, comfort preferences, and style sensibilities. While some women choose turtlenecks and simple tops for their practicality in combination with long hair, others appreciate the aesthetic appeal, coziness, and comfort that these clothing items offer.
Fashion is a form of self-expression, and individual choices can vary widely based on personal taste and considerations. There is no "right" or "wrong." Our own preferences, which can vary greatly from person to person, allow us to each create our own look that makes us feel good.
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