Hairstyles to Look Happier

Hairstyle that makes you look happy
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Q: This will probably sound like a weird question. Are there any hairstyles or hair lengths that will make a person look happier?
A: It's actually not a weird question at all. Yes, there are definitely hair lengths, hair colors and hair styles that dictate whether a person is deemed as a happy, depressed, sociable or professional person on first glance.
Think about this for a second. Animation characters that are portrayed as evil, scary or depressed are often created as thin characters with black hair, very pale skin, very light/dark eyes and dressed in black.
Princesses are often sketched as young women in bright gowns, long tumbling hair the color of yellow-blonde, rich brown or a stunning red. Unrealistically bubbly personalities and outlook on life. Princes are sketched as tall, muscled yet lean, dashingly attractive without being too pretty. These are the type cast images that we grow up with.
Normal human behavior itself is based on labeling ourselves, our actions and that of everyone around us. Thus, when you see a thin, pale-skinned girl on the street with long, straight black hair covering most of her face, while wearing mostly black clothes, you will automatically and subconsciously label her as being an outsider/goth/depressed. Humans tend to stay away from these people, except if you identify yourself/your current situation with such a person, and want like-minded company.
We also subconsciously use these portrayals ourselves. If you are depressed, extremely shy or feel like an outcast, you will tend to dress, act, speak and style yourself accordingly. If you look all dark and unhappy, people will tend to leave you alone, which is exactly what truly depressed on unhappy people want.
The inverse is also true. People are drawn to others who are attractive, have pretty stylish hairstyles and clothing, and have outgoing personalities and a zest for life. These people will dress, act, talk and style themselves to fit in with who they are and what they want the world to see.
Here are a few examples of hairstyles and what they can say of a person:
 • Short and pixie hair (well styled): Independent and chic. Likes to stand out from the crowd. Strong personality, stylish.
Chic and stylish pixie cut
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 • Sleek bob, inverted bob or lob: Well maintained, professional and feminine. Makes time for an intensive beauty routine and likes things to be perfect with minimal fuss. Classic sense of style.
 • Long hair, long layers (well maintained): High maintenance. Immense eye for detail and enjoys a complex beauty routine and reaps the rewards. This person can be superficial or judgmental and spends a lot of money of clothes, make-up and accessories.
Here are a few examples of what hair colors tend to say about a person:
 • Blonde: Sunny, outgoing and well maintained. Sophisticated or fun, flirty. Attention for detail.
 • Red: Feisty and flirtatious, little inhibitions. Likes to stand out from the crowd, enjoys attention. Fiercely independent.
 • Brunette: Classic beauty, natural good looks. Comfortable with herself and her appearance. Self-confident, intellectual, dependable.
 • Black: Chic, likes to make a statement. Depressed or Goth. Values her own opinion above those of others and can be obnoxious or cold.
The interpretations of the above styles/colors are often not accurate, but we label those around us on face-value according to these rules none the less.
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