Hair Salon Names

Hair salon client with a contemporary pixie cut
Q: I am planning to start my own hair salon soon and am still looking for a unique name. Can you give me some inspiration? What could be a good name for my hair salon?
A: The quest for a unique name for your hair salon can be long and challenging. Choosing a name for your business is a crucial decision because it will be your storefront for the years to come.
The name of your hair salon should be a good reflection of what you stand for. It might be interesting to incorporate the services you offer and/or your specialties into the name, but you should be cautious because these are things that may change in the coming years.
You also need to do the necessary research to ensure that there isn't already a salon with the same name in your locality. Be careful not to use a name that is a registered trademark, as this could get you into trouble.
Below are some examples to get you started. I'm sure they'll provide you with plenty of inspiration. You can add words (like salon, studio, lounge, etc.), create different combinations, and so on. I wish you the best of luck in your search!
Allure and Attitude
Ambiance Locks
Beyond Basics
Beyond Braids
Captivating Curls
Chic Charm
Chic Chateau
Chic Cuts
Contemporary Cuts
Crisp Cuts
Crown Charmers
Crown Couture
Crown Crafters
Crown Creations
Crowned Classics Curl Canvas
Curl Charm
Cuts ‘n More
Elite Edge
Elysian Echo
Enchanting Echoes
Enchanting Tresses
Enigma Elegance
Envy Hair
Ethereal Elegance
Ethereal Essence
Glamorous Groove
Glamour Gaze
Glamour Grind
Glamour Grove
Hair Affair
Hair Force
Hair Haven
Hair Heaven
Hair Horizon
Hair To Go
Heavenly Hair
Lavish Locks
Lively Locks
Lock Lounge
Locks & Luxe
Locks of Luxury
Lovely Locks
Lush Locks
Luxe Locks
Mane Attraction
Mane Magic
Mane Majesty
Mane Marvels
Mane Masterpiece
Mane Mingle
Mane Mirage
Mane Mosaic
Mane Muse
Mane Street
Opulent Locks
Opulent Origins
Posh Pixie
Pristine Pixie
Radiance Revival
Radiant Rebel
Radiant Rebellion
Radiant Reflections
Radiant Reverie
Radiant Rhythm
Radiant Roots
Refined Reflections
Revive and Shine
Sassy Strands
Serenity Strands
Shear Bliss
Shear Brilliance
Shear Delight
Shear Elegance
Shear Perfection
Shear Radiance
Shear Sanctuary
Shear Sensation
Shear Serenity
Shear Sophistication
Shear Success
Shear Symphony
Shear Synergy
Sleek Styles
Sleek Symmetry
Sparkle Strands
Stellar Strands
Strand Sanctuary
Strand Style
Strand Symphony
Strands of Success
Strut and Style
Style Haven
Style Heaven
Style Spectrum
Stylish Shears
Sublime Strands
Sublime Styles
Superb Cuts
The Curl Collective
The Cutting Edge
The Hair Harmony Hub
The Hair Haven
The Hair Hideaway
The Tress Trendsetter
Tress Trends
True Tresses
Urban Elegance
Urban Trends
Urban Utopia
Urban Vogue
Velvet Touch
Velvet Vanity
Velvet Verve
Velvet Vibe
Velvet Vision
Velvet Vista
Velvet Vogue
Vibrant Vogue
Vogue Vista
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