Hair Color for Thinning Hair

Young woman with fine hair
Photo: Nikolai Kazakov/Shutterstock
Q: I have fine thinning hair. Is a lighter hair color better to avoid noticing the scalp?
I understand the cut says it all but regardless I have areas where my hair is very thin and with my darker hair color I think my scalp is more noticeable. Is this true?

A: Thinning hair is never fun but inevitable for some of us. There are several tips and tricks you can try to keep your hair looking as full as it can.
First, find the right hair products. Try using plumping or volume enhancing hair shampoos and styling aids. There are many hair-plumping products that help the hair cuticle look fuller.
Secondly, style your hair right. Stick straight hair that is plastered to your head will definitely make hair look sparse. Add body by using a round brush to lift up on the roots and create as much volume as you can. Avoid styling your hair with straight, crisp parts that really highlight your scalp. Try zig-zag parts that add more volume or bangs that help camouflage a parting altogether. Blunt bangs are a great way to help thin hair look more full.
The third tip addresses your question - hair color. It is a good idea to avoid a high contrast in color between your hair and your scalp. Lightening your hair a bit could help cut down on that or try adding in some lighter, natural looking highlights for blending. The highlights will help break up your base color and make it look lighter and also cut down on the contrast.
See if that helps or check out color touch-up root powders. They dust on the scalp to add volume and color to camouflage gray roots, and thin scalp areas. It just may be the product you're looking for!
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