Expensive Haircuts

Getting an expensive haircut in a hair salon
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Q: Are expensive haircuts worth it? Do expensive salons really give better cuts?
A: I would consider asking yourself several more questions to help come to an answer. Such as, what has your personal experience been in the past when you've gone to a cheap cuts salon compared to a high-end salon? Do you ask for complicated haircuts or have a lot of hair that may need extra expertise?
Most often, high-end hair salons are staffed with experienced, trained professionals who keep up their hair education with advanced cutting classes. They stay up on the latest hair trends and have a lot more creative cutting techniques up their sleeve to give you and your hair a custom cut. You are paying for their vast knowledge and expertise to give you the best haircut possible. Less expensive hair salons may have more of a cookie cutter approach to hairstyling.
You are also paying for a more luxurious environment. More expensive, posh salons offer an array of drinks and refreshments. They most likely have higher concentrated and better hair products to use on your hair giving you the ultimate health and styling options. A number of more expensively priced salons even offer a neck and shoulder massage at the shampoo bowl. So you are paying for the atmosphere and overall pampering experience.
Another difference from low to high-end salons is the amount of time you spend in the stylist's chair. You are paying for a great haircut and the time you spend there. You will receive an in-depth consultation to make sure you are getting what you need and want with your haircut, and the stylist is booking off ample time to give your hair the attention it needs. They also spend time styling and blow-drying your hair which is not always offered at a less expensive place.
Keep in mind that beauty schools often teach students the basics of haircutting and some students go off on their own and get jobs at cheaper places right away with their limited amount of knowledge. More expensive salons are staffed with stylists who had students start as apprentices. They are instructed on how to cut hair with various techniques and are given much more creative tools to customize haircuts and styles.
In short, you could get an amazing cheap haircut, and you could get a terrible expensive haircut. But your odds are much higher if you pay more and you are more likely to be happy with your overall experience at a high-end salon.
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