Bob for a Square Face

The different female face shapes
Q: I was just wondering if a person with a rectangle face shape would need to wear a different hairstyle to someone who has a typical oblong face shape? I only ask, as I have just had my hair cut into a straight, one length, chin bob with a full fringe and I’m really not sure if it suits me.
I know that bobs and full fringes are recommended for oblong faces, but I feel it is making me look a bit boxy. Perhaps this is because my face is more rectangular? I would really appreciate any advice on this subject. I am really not sure whether to cut it to a shorter style or just grow it all out again. I also have naturally wavy hair which makes the straight, bob style quite hard to maintain. Thanks again for the help.

A: You’re correct with your assumption that bobs with a full, straight fringe tend to make a rectangular face look boxy. The “line” of the bangs creates an increased square-like structure, while the shorter hair does nothing to elongate the face.
You can ask your hairdresser to adapt the bob to suit your needs though. Ask her/him to cut the bob into an A-line style (that is with hair that gradually shortens towards the back of your head), with layers and the hair on your crown quite short. Then, when you style your hair, concentrate on adding a lot of volume in this area, so that you automatically create height at the crown, and elongate the style.
Also, have your bangs feathered by asking the stylist to use thinning-shears or a razor. The softer line will break up the solid line of the fringe, and soften the “boxy” effect. Or you can grow your bangs out and opt for dynamic side swept bangs.
You can also have the hair that frames your face feathered, to further soften the lines. By incorporating a few subtle highlights around your face and in the fringe, you’ll further adapt the style to make it suit your face-shape.
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