Bob with or without Layers

Short bob with layers
Q: I plan to cut my hair in a short lip length bob. What would be the most maintenance friendly and the easiest to style at home, a bob with or without layers?
A: This depends heavily on the type of hair that you have.
If you have very curly hair of fine or medium density, and your schedule doesn’t allow you to blow dry your hair every morning, you’ll probably be better off by asking the hairstylist to only thin the tips out with thinning scissors.
Hairstylists are usually in conflict about this, but I have found that layering curly hair too much will cause the curls to “frizz”, especially if you don’t have the time to blow dry your hair every morning. Just ask the stylist for a medium, one-length bob that’s been thinned out along the tips.
But if you have very curly hair of thick density, you’ll have to have it layered. Thick curly hair has the tendency to “poof” up too much along the tips of the hair, ending up looking like a triangular shaped style. In this case I would suggest a stacked bob (A-line bob). This bob is very layered, short at the back and longer at the front. You’ll have to use a flat iron just to straighten the front pieces, which will take you about five minutes if the hair is clean and dry.
If you have fine, straight and thin hair, your best bet is a medium or short angled bob (longer front, shorter back) with long bangs that’s been feathered with thinning shears or a razor. Ask the stylist to concentrate on maximum texture without making the hair seem even thinner. When you thin out fine hair correctly, the hair will seem thicker and healthier.
If you have thick, straight hair, you basically have a passport to do whatever you like. Thick straight hair will work with layers as well as one-length hair. Maintenance-wize, a one-length cut will generally look better than a layered cut as it grows out meaning you can go for long periods without having to have it cut.
Layered styles need less shampoo, conditioner and color to keep your hair looking good, because there is in effect less hair. Layering hair decreases the bulk immensely. Also, layered hair blow-dries much faster. Thus product and time wise, layered hairstyles are more economic.
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