Neck Length Bob for Older Women

Bob haircut for older women
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Q: I’m considering a neck length bob cut. That is with the hair length somewhere in between my chin and my shoulders. Is this a good idea for older women? Won’t the hair style and length draw more attention towards lines and wrinkles?
A: A neck-length cut is perfect for mature women who enjoy longer styles, but are ready to part with their long hair. If you have a look at a glossy magazine, you’ll find that a lot of mature women and a very large percentage of even the twenty-somethings opt for this kind of versatile and easy maintenance hairstyles.
Consider a longer bob with bangs and wispy layers around the face. The bangs should ultimately be full, wispy and quite long, ending just above your eyebrows. This way, you can wear your bangs in a large number of styles. You can blow dry the bangs directly to the front so that it covers your forehead completely. You can style to the side to mimic slanted bangs, or style it to both sides to frame the face and blend in with the wispy sides.
Nicely cut bangs will go a long way to disguise wrinkles along the forehead. This type of style is actually one of the best hairstyles to detract attention from lines and wrinkles, as the bangs and wispy sides cover most of the problem areas concerning wrinkles. This particular length won’t cover your neck, although no style or length will be able to disguise the wrinkles on one’s neck completely.
Instead of trying to hide the wrinkles with a hairstyle, rather opt for distraction methods that will make people notice your strong points instead of your weak ones. Have some highlights done, especially in the bangs and around the face. The light points draw the eye and open up the face, which has a very youthful effect.
If you have a nice mouth, go natural on your eye make-up, but paint your lips in a bold red or deep rose color. This will make people notice your beautiful mouth and wispy, highlighted hair long before they see any wrinkles. If you have very nice eyes, focus your attention concerning your application of make-up on your eyes, and go easy on the lips.
You can also go for a make-up contouring or airbrush make-up course if you’d like to take your make-up skills to the next level, while also learning how to make the best of your most beautiful characteristics, while distracting attention from those that annoy you.
Always remember that although a good hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance and can have the power to make you look years younger, it is usually those who give attention to the whole package that look the best. Engineer the look of your hairstyle, hair color, make-up, clothing, shoes, jewelry and body language in such a way that you are perceived by other people exactly in the manner that you want to be seen.
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