How to Make Hair Wavy

Hairstyle for men
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Q: I'm a man with hair that touches my ears. My hair is straight, but I want it to be wavy. How can I make my hair wavy?
A: Well, you have two options, really: basic styling techniques or more permanent solutions. The permanent solutions, of course, are permanent waves. Your success with a perm will depend largely on the exact length of your hair combined with the skill of your stylist.
Most people think of perms as only creating full curl, but by using a perming rod just large enough to wrap the hair around only once (or almost once) you can get a wave effect. The specific size of the tool needed depends on the exact length of the hair. The benefit to this is that the waves can be randomized for different looks. So you can get a more uniform rippling wave effect, or you could have;the tousled "bed head" look.
The styling option would involve using rollers or a curling iron (they can be purchased in very slim sizes). The drawback to these methods is the time involved in rolling the hair and the managing of the small iron with short hair.
A styling technique you might consider is the finger wave method. This technique uses a thick styling lotion or gel on wet hair and you comb the hair into waves and curves which, when dried can be combed out and give a wavy-haired look.
This, of course, will be a uniformly wavy look, so you should be aware that the waves will be somewhat "classic Hollywood" in style. But it could give you the wave you want without time-consuming methods or a commitment.
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