Washing Hair Daily

Towel drying long hair
Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock
Q: Hello. I wash my hair daily or every second day and it gets really dry. I'm starting to wonder if washing your hair daily dries your hair out. That is what I have heard. Please help.
A: Daily shampooing can certainly dry the hair out, particularly if you do not follow the shampooing with conditioner. In fact, I have long been advising our readers of the fact that most women (and men) actually shampoo their hair too often. The only hair care process I recommend be performed daily is conditioning the hair.
In fact, in many cases, the average woman's hair can be cleansed of the daily allotment of soil and grime by using a rinse-through conditioner. This may not be suitable for women who have fine or limp hair, but even these women should be aware that their hair should only be shampooed when it is dirty or oily.
The best thing to do is to start adjusting your grooming routine to include conditioning the hair daily. Shampoo the hair every other day at first, and add a day between shampoos until you feel you've reached a suitable schedule for washing the hair.
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