Electrically Heated Scissors or ThermoCut

Cutting hair with heated scissors
Q: What are the benefits of using electrically heated scissors and how do they work?
A: The use of electrically-heated scissors, thinning shears, and razors is a relatively new evolution in haircutting technology. The idea is that these heated blades help to seal the cut end of the hair and prevent the potential loss of moisture and splitting of the cut ends of the hair.
With traditional scissors and shears, the ends of the hair are made somewhat "jagged" when cut. This condition can be more- or less- pronounced depending on how sharp the blades of the tools are when used. With dull scissors, the ends are often crushed, making them not only jagged but frayed as well. This can lead to split ends with subsequent styling.
The tools used in the "ThermoCut" process are insulated and wired to heat the cutting blades safely, allowing the hair to be "sealed" as it is cut. The tools have adjustable temperature settings for different textures of hair, so to prevent causing damage from incompatible heat levels, and automatic temperature cut-off to prevent overheating.
The technique of using electrical appliances for this process is new, but the concept is not. Many East-Asian cultures have used heated blades to cut the hair and singe closed the ends to prevent split ends and fraying. In some cases, there are barbers who even use smoldering wood to singe the hair off instead of cutting it.
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