Thermal Hair Brush

Thermal hair brush
Q: Can you tell me more about thermal hair brushes? What is it good for and is a thermal brush worth the investment?
A: If you are an individual who is seriously into the “blow-out” hair styles, you really do want to invest in a good quality thermal hair brush.
These styling tools are like their normal counterparts in appearance but are designed and constructed using materials that help to retain heat in the core of the brush and make it easier to style the hair when paired with a blow-dryer. You can also find thermal hair brushes that are self-powered, combining the qualities of a curling iron and a brush.
You can find these brushes in a range of sizes and materials – whether they be powered or unpowered. The materials range from Teflon-coated vented metals, to ceramic-composites and gemstone-composite materials, all of which are meant to offer a non-stick, heat-retaining core which will allow faster reshaping of the hair.
The goal of these tools is not to create the clean, crisp curls possible with a traditional curling iron, but rather to generate soft curves in the hair. This is true even of the powered thermal brushes, although they can sometimes be found with design elements that allow them some versatility in their usage.
If you want to shop for your own thermal brush, look for the following traits that are signs of a quality product:
• A seamless barrel at the core of the brush. (If it isn’t a seamless barrel, then make sure the ends are turned under and join without any edges that could snag the hair.) This helps to ensure that the brush doesn’t catch and pull the hair as it is twirled through.
• Smooth bristles with rounded tips. Whether the bristles are natural boar’s hair or made from nylon, they should be smooth and have rounded tips to avoid scratching the scalp or scuffing the cuticle layer of the hair.
• A comfortable, easy grip handle. This is important since the usefulness of a thermal brush is based largely on the skill of the user. You should be able to hold the brush securely in the hand or fingers and twirl it without worry that you’ll drop it with minimal interference.
• The right sized-barrel for your hair. The size of the barrel you need is relative to the length of your hair. The smaller-barrel brushes are only meant for women and men with shorter hair lengths. When you try to use a smaller brush in long hair you run into more problems with tangles and snagging of the hair. Remember, the hair is not meant to wind around the brush completely.
Since these thermal brushes can be priced anywhere from $2.50 (U.S. dollars) to $30.00 (U.S. dollars) or more for the unpowered versions, and $22.50 (U.S. dollars) and up for powered versions of the brushes, you have a good chance of finding a brush you like at a price you can afford. And now that you know what they do, it’s always good to have the right tool for a job.
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