Style Thinning Straight Hair

Hairstyle for a plus face
Image: Shutterstock
Q: I need help with styling for thinning straight hair for a pretty plus face over 40.
A: The one thing to keep in mind is that you want to project an "oval" appearance to the face. So with a fuller face, you should choose a look that has added height and volume in the top sections and keep the volume low at the sides.
You might consider a layered cut with a soft body wave (ask your stylist about using an acid balanced perm to thicken the hair slightly). This helps the hair look fuller and more lush. Plus an acid-balanced perm is gentler on the hair and with thin hair this is doubly important.
Also, keep your hair color soft. Our hair naturally lightens as we age, and by keeping your hair lighter in color, you can blur the contrast and make the thinner hair less notable.
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