Nylon Clothes and Static Hair

Young woman wearing nylon clothes
Q: There's static electricity on my hair when I pull nylon clothes over my head and I takes a long time before the static goes away.
How can I prevent the static? Do I need a certain hair product to prevent the static caused by pulling clothes on or do I need to treat the clothes?

A: Well, treating the clothes is a good option if you are averse to using too many products in your hair. There are anti-static sprays available, and most fabric softeners provide anti-static protection as well.
However, there is a simple, basic hair product that is great to combat static: hair spray. After pulling on your static causing clothes, simply apply a very light misting of hair spray (aerosol works best) to the hair, let it dry and brush through the hair to remove any stiffness.
You can also use lightweight, silicone-based hair products to insulate the hair from static charge. Just remember that if applying such products to dry hair, be sparing - too much leaves an oily look and feel.
Photo: Nikuwka/Shutterstock
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