Nylon Clothes and Static Hair

Young woman wearing nylon clothes
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Q: There's static electricity on my hair when I pull nylon clothes over my head and I takes a long time before the static goes away. I like to wear shiny polyamide and polyester blouses and turtlenecks, but I hate it when it makes my hair static.
How can I prevent the static? Do I need a certain hair product to prevent the static caused by pulling clothes on or do I need to treat the clothes?

A: Well, treating the clothes is a good option if you are averse to using too many products in your hair. There are anti-static sprays available, and most fabric softeners provide anti-static protection as well.
However, there is a simple, basic hair product that is great to combat static: hair spray. After pulling on your static causing clothes, simply apply a very light misting of hair spray (aerosol works best) to the hair, let it dry and brush through the hair to remove any stiffness.
You can also use lightweight, silicone-based hair products to insulate the hair from static charge. Just remember that if applying such products to dry hair, be sparing - too much leaves an oily look and feel.
Also this, for the sake of completeness: you wrote that you have static electricity problems with nylon clothing made of polyamide and polyester. Polyamide is another (technical) name for nylon. Nylon and polyamide are the same fabric. However, polyester is also a synthetic fabric, but it is not exactly the same as nylon and it is manufactured in a different way. Polyester looks and feels almost the same as nylon (polyamide). This is confusing for some.
Clothing made of polyamide and polyester has many advantages and I can understand that you like to wear it. More and more people are discovering its benefits. Both polyamide and polyester absorb little moisture, dry quickly, are wrinkle resistant, light, smooth and comfortable to wear. And then there is also the beautiful visual aspect due to the sheen of these fabrics.
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