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Shredded Hairstyles

Q: Is there a difference between a shredded hairstyle and a layered hairstyle? Is a hair stylist using the same cutting techniques for shreds as for layers?
A: The answers to these questions are “yes” and “yes”. The ‘shredded’ look is a layered style, but the layers are textured very deeply, and given a random-seeming effect that creates, choppy, airy locks.
The primary difference between a layered hairstyle with choppy layers and a shredded hairstyle is that with the shredded style, the layers may be more randomized within the framework of the silhouette. A more traditional layered cut has progressive lengths in the layering that are readily apparent.
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The shredded cut uses the razor-cutting technique, and the myriad looks available with a razor tool become clear when you consider the variation from smooth, soft layers (such as in the classic “Rachel” cut) to the choppy, wispy, randomized layers of a shredded style.
The photos above show a couple of dramatically different “shredded” looks. In spite of the dichotomy between the long and short looks, the common thread of the look is the heavily textured finish on the layered tresses. The ends of the hair look wispy and almost tattered and lacey, hence the term ‘shredded’.
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