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Unhappy hair salon client after a bad cut
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Q: How do we report salons that continually do not honor the patron's request? I just had my hair texturized or thinned out three times in a row. Needless to say my hair is now paper thin and I have bald spots showing. This is after I specifically stated "do not texturize, give me string hair, thin out or razor-cut my hair". The first time my hair was textured without my permission.
I went back to the same girl and told her to cut my hair bluntly, and she slither cut my hair. I changed hairdressers and told her not to thin out my hair in any way. I stated that I just wanted a trim, 1 inch off of the bottom. I showed her the beginning of a bald spot in an area where the hair was textured (or whatever term they are using to thin hair).
The new hairdresser slither cut my hair AGAIN! I now have stringy, lifeless hair with many balding spots. I am HORRIFIED! I did contact the owner who offered me a free haircut. I refused because before I even stepped into his salon, I told him that I really needed a hairdresser that would listen and that I did NOT WANT TEXTURIZING, THINNING, RAZOR CUTTING, etc. He knew why I was coming to his salon and so did the hairdresser.
Why are hairdressers not held accountable? They blatantly don't listen to the customer. Needless to say I have to find another hairdresser but I wish there was a way to hold these people accountable. (Please note, that I paid $50 for each of these haircuts. The second hairstylist was recommended to me by someone.) I am beginning to loathe hairdressers! Is there a website or some organization where woman can report these incompetents?

A: I truly sympathize with you on your experiences. There really is no excuse for having your wishes so clearly disregarded.
You do, however, have resources. There are places for you to post complaints to share your experience with others online (such as which may give you the emotional satisfaction but isn't likely to do anything to compensate you for your losses.
You should also check with the Secretary of State's office and Professional Licensing Board for your state in order to lodge a formal complaint against the salon and/or stylist involved. This could result in some official action or sanctions against the salon depending on the board's disposition toward the case.
The only drawback in this situation is that most of the cases that receive priority in this venue are those where individuals are placed at risk due to carelessness or improper sanitation and practices.
Finally, if the damage to your hair is as obvious as you say, you could consider small claims court as recourse in order to at least recoup your lost fees for improperly cut hair. You will have the burden of proving your losses, but it will at least allow you some measure of closure.
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