Hairstyle for a Pointy Nose

Hairstyle for a pointy nose
Photo: Dotshock/Shutterstock
Q: I have a pointy nose, and I hate it. Are there any hairstyles that will make my sharp nose less noticeable?
A: The key to dealing with a prominent or dominating feature is usually a matter of distraction. You draw the focus away from the area you want to minimize. By using asymmetrical cutting lines and styling, you can create a look that keeps the attention on more flattering features, so that the ones you favor less aren't as noted.
In the case of a pointy nose, you may want to consider that the elements of the style should be softer and more amorphous. Use rounded cutting lines and feathered edges to keep the perimeter soft and light.
Try focusing the style and therefore the attention on the eyes through the creation of wispy, angled bangs. Pair this with behind the ear styling on the passive side of the head and you can bring the attention of the viewer to the ears and alternating to the eyes so that the nose is blithely glanced over.
If the nose is also long, as well as pointed, you may want to keep the overall length of the cut shorter (perhaps chin-length) so that you avoid creating a vertical focus that mirrors the lines of the nose.
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