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Q: What are the best color removers, especially for henna and black tint?
A: First of all, the BEST color remover is the professional stylist you trust to help you undo the unwanted color you've given yourself. However, given the number of women who are comfortable coloring their own hair - and who use a wide range of products - here is some information to help. Henna is especially difficult to remove because it completely coats the hair. Here is a process that will help to remove the henna:
hair colors 1. Saturate hair strands with a mixture of 70% alcohol applied with sterile cotton balls. Avoid the scalp area. Follow 5-10 minutes later with a coating of mineral oil. Apply the mineral oil on top of the 70% alcohol. Avoid the scalp area.
2. Cover your now oily head with plastic. (A plastic shower cap will also work well.) Sit under a hood dryer for 30-45 minutes. If you don't have a hood dryer, direct a heat concentrator towards the hair from your blow dryer.
3. To remove the oil, apply a little shampoo to the palms of your hands and then pat on the oil BEFORE you apply water. After you have applied the shampoo to the oil areas, turn on the shower and lather. Use a good cleansing or clarifying shampoo. You may need to shampoo more than once to remove all the oil and the henna. If necessary, repeat as needed.
4. Once you have removed the henna, be sure to perform deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture to the hair.
When in doubt about henna, don't do it. Take your time and do lots of research to be sure you are on the right track to desired color results.
With black hair tint (permanent color) it is generally suggested that you simply let the color grow out, or else see a professional for a color removal service. There are haircolor removal products available, but I don't do brand endorsements here. If you are going to attempt doing the color removal yourself, I recommend you do your research. Search online for hair color remover and take a look at the products that come up. Be sure to do follow-up searches on the manufacturers of these products and choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable and which is supposed to give you the results you want.
Whether dealing with henna or black permanent dyes, do use caution in trying to remove the haircolor by lightening it. Henna can cause unpredictable results because of its very nature, and depending on the base color of the black dye, you can end up with very unpleasant color results in trying to lighten dyed hair.
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