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Hairstyles for a Big Head

Q: What sort of hairstyle will make my big head look smaller? Would a bob work?
A: Hairstyles for a big head must always take into account the proportion of the body, and the balance of the head itself. Is the head uniformly big? Is it balanced and proportionate in its features and shape; simply larger than expected? The answers to these questions will have a definitive effect on the style suited to an individual, but there are some basic guidelines that can help in the broader sense.
Keep the hair “small”, meaning avoid high-volume hairstyles. You don’t want to make the hair full and fluffy, no matter how lovely the style may be, since all that added bulk just means that the head looks even bigger. You don’t necessarily want “flat”, “limp” hair, but you DO want to keep from looking like the business end of a dust mop.
long textured bob
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Avoid color extremes. Nothing will make the head (and hair) stand out more than a bold, deep, or brassy color. This includes dark brunettes (blacks), coppery-rich or ruby-toned reds, and buttery-yellow or platinum-hued blondes. These color extremes have their place, but not on an individual with a big head. To borrow from the previous paragraph’s closing simile, you don’t want to end up looking like a lollipop. What you do want is to stick to natural-looking tones and colors. These can add needed warmth or coolness to skin tone, but won’t have as much effect on the appearance of size in the head.
Remember the overall picture. The right hairstyle isn’t always just a matter of balancing the face. If you’re petite or statuesque you may need to adjust your look somewhat to compensate for the level of difference in the proportion in the head and body. It would be simpler if you only had to account for one or two factors in such aesthetic choices, but no one ever accused life of being simple.
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