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Inverted V Haircut for Curly Hair

Q: Hi. I have curly hair. It's fine, but curly. I get it chemically relaxed and I use maintainer every 3-4 months so it is not as curly as it used to be. It is of medium length, and I love it, but I'm bored with it and I want to be able to straighten it easier and not have to do so much to it. I want to cut it in somewhat of an inverted V haircut, but not too short in the back and longer around my face. Would that work out with my hair?
A: This really depends on how “not as curly as it used to be” your hair is. The kind of bob cut you describe – the A-line bob – generally work best on straight to mostly-straight hair. The more curl the hair has, the more bulky the ends of the hair are and you end up with a pyramid-shaped silhouette, which is NOT usually desirable.
If your relaxer routine has removed enough curl to allow your hair to lie smoothly against the face as it hangs down, then by all means, give the bob cut a try. However, if this isn’t the case, you should talk to your stylist and discuss the options for your hair’s specific texture and wave pattern in order to get a truly flattering hairstyle for you.
I would love to be more specific on suggestions, but it really isn’t possible for me to assess the suitability of a cut for someone through a short email with such a basic description. Terms like “fine, but curly” and “not as curly as it used to be” are very subjective and relative to your own personal points of reference. You’ll be much better off asking for specific suggestions on style and cut from someone who can examine the hair in person and give you an honest assessment.
I, on the other hand, am always happy to do whatever I can to assist you in answering the questions that can be answered objectively, or to discuss and describe any styling theory or technique you desire. Thank you for writing in.
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