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Hair Rebonding

Q: What exactly is hair rebonding? Will it make your hair perfectly straight forever? Can it damage your hair?
A: The "rebonding" process that has become so popular in many circles (and so vilified in others) is a straightening service that combines the "straight perm" service of using a perm solution to break the disulfide bonds in the hair, with heat straightening, neutralizing and a keratin protein treatment step to ensure pin-straight, smooth hair.
The process is very stressful to the hair, and the keratin application is intended to restore some of the strength and integrity lost by the stressful straightening steps.
young woman with long straight hair

The rebonding process will permanently straighten the portions of the hair to which it was applied. The chemical side bonds in those portions of the hair will have been broken and rebonded into a straight hair configuration. However, the new growth of hair that emerges from the scalp will follow your hair's natural wave pattern as determined by your genetics and the shape of your follicles. Eventually you will need to retouch the service or find another method for dealing with your hair.
As mentioned before, the process IS very stressful and if improperly monitored or applied, can seriously damage your hair. It is very important that you only patronize a stylist with considerable training and experience in this kind of processing, since some of the complaints of improperly done rebonding is hair loss and breakage (including at the scalp). You could experience severe burns of the skin and scalp as well.
That being said, many women feel that the process is a godsend for them in dealing with thick, coarse wavy hair that is prone to frizz. If you are considering the rebonding process, investigate the salons and stylists who you want to have do the service and make sure they have the experience to do a good job and do it safely. Then follow the aftercare instructions carefully and to the letter.
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