Hair Mascara

Hair with colored streaks
Photo: LightField Studios/Shutterstock
Q: Where can I find hair mascara? My mom told me that it was a popular product in the nineties to add temporary streaks or highlights to your hair. Is it still available in the States?
A: I've found variations on this product from L'Oréal, Frederic Fekkai, Kryolan, Irene Gari, Rashell, Avon and other makers.
The color palettes range from natural tones intended to allow you to cover gray new growth or to add subtle highlights, to wild colors that are reactive and glow under a black light. There are even brands for young girls and others that include glitter and metallic shades.
I have personally seen some varieties of this product at shops like Sally Beauty, but if your beauty-supply store doesn't carry the colors and types you are looking for, try shopping online at sites like and the websites for stores like Nordstrom and Sephora.
You can also find some types of discontinued brands at sites like eBay, but be aware and always ask the seller about the age of the product. Most products have a sell by date and may not last as long as you would think.
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