Mustache for a Double Beard

Beard and moustache
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Q: I have a double beard. What styles can I do, and what is the best mustache to complement it?
A: Well, styling the facial hair generally falls under the restrictions of the same rules used when grooming the hair on top of the head. The most-appropriate style is one that is balanced and flatters the face.
For those who are unfamiliar with this term, a double beard is one that is divided and encouraged to grow into two separate masses of hair. It is a style frequently seen in Middle Eastern and Indo-Asian cultures, and became popularized in U.S. counter-culture groups in the 60s thanks to the adoption of many Eastern traits in an effort to become (or at least appear) exotic and enlightened.
Styling the facial hair really is a matter of personal preference and force of personality. Most individuals lean toward more conservative styling – well-trimmed, combed and neatly arranged beards – while there are others who want to make a statement and will incorporate things like braiding and beadwork into their facial hair styles.
The limits of styling are going to be bounded by the length of the hair and your own creativity. You just have to decide how you want to look and start experimenting.
As for mustaches to go with a double beard, just remember balance is a key factor. A full, long double beard that hangs to the chest will probably look strange when paired with a thinly groomed pencil mustache. Try to mirror the overall look of your beard in your mustache, using a smaller scale. If your beard sweeps outward into points on each side, a handlebar style mustache is a good pairing.
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