Hairstyle for a Chubby Face

Woman with a chubby face
Photo: Stockyimages/Shutterstock
Q: Can you give some tips for hairstyles for women with a chubby face? What is the better choice for chubby faces (chubby cheeks), long or short hair?
A: Choosing between long or short is less important when dealing with a chubby face than making sure that the style you choose focuses on vertical attention.
Any style for a chubby face needs to have volume in the top and little or no volume at the sides. You also want to avoid strong cutting lines along the bangs and keep the lines curved deeply and textured to be soft edges.
There are flattering long styles for chubby faces, and there are flattering short styles for chubby faces. Your job is to keep the elements of the style (regardless of overall length) in line with the needs of maintaining a vertical emphasis and avoiding exaggerating the width of the face.
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