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Almost Bald Temples

Q: I have a naturally high hair line, and my temples look almost bald. This is not due to receding or hair loss of any type. Is it possible to grow hair around this area with minoxidil or castor oil? I've always had baby hairs along my hairline, if that helps.
castor oil A: Speaking simply: no. The medications used to treat hair loss are either designed to combat free hormone levels in the body that cause male-pattern hair loss and/or reverse that loss of hair. Minoxidil will block the loss of hair from male-pattern hair loss, while finasteride will reverse the loss and allow the regrowth of lost hair. Yet, since finasteride (the only one that causes regrowth of the hair) is an oral medication, there is no "targeting" possible, and it wouldn't work unless there was loss in an area anyway.
As for castor oil, there is a LOT of talk about its uses for everything from acne-treatment to eyelash growth, and while many cultures have used it traditionally for countless beauty needs, and we as a modern society use it in its many derivatives for countless purposes in health and beauty, the claims that it will stimulate hair growth of any kind is purely anecdotal at this point.
The FDA has labeled castor oil as generally safe to use, so if you desire to try it, feel free, but I personally don't endorse it for anything other than softening and lubricating the skin, as castor oil easily and deeply penetrates the skin.
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