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Amika Hair Straightener

Q: I would like to know if an Amika straightener has an effect on wavy hair. I have been using it for the last three weeks on my hair and I noticed that the end of my hair has become very straight even after washing the it. Do you know why? Usually if I wash my hair and I put in some 'mousse', it is ok, nice waves.
The reason why I use Amika is just to make it look more tidy and neat but unfortunately the end of the hair has become very pointed and straight. Now, I am obliged to straighten my hair all the time. Please let me know. I really appreciate an answer. Thank you so much in advance.

A: Styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, etc. all work by manipulating the physical side bonds of the hair, temporarily reconfiguring the shape of the hair's wave pattern. This cannot have a lasting effect on the wave of the hair.
The likely case is that you are suffering from styling damage which has reduced the elasticity and condition of your hair at the ends which seem to be affected. This is the reason the ends of the hair are not behaving as the rest of the hair.
Remember that hair damage is cumulative. This may not be the result of using the Amika tool alone, but could easily be the combined effects of styling efforts and tools used over several months. You should carefully examine the ends of your hair. Evaluate the feel of the hair when it is dry. Does it feel rough and brittle? When it is wet, does it feel gummy or spongy? These are signs of damage and can vary in intensity depending on the level of damage.
You need to begin a regimen of treating the hair for such damage. Start with daily conditioning, even when you don't shampoo the hair. Use heat styling methods sparingly, and on the coolest possible settings when they are necessary. Monthly hot-oil treatments are also a good addition in order to smooth the cuticle and help seal-in moisture.
If these techniques don't help sufficiently to restore a healthy look to the hair, you may simply have to remove the damaged ends of the hair and pay more attention to the care of the remaining hair while it grows out.
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