Reverse Frost

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Q: Yesterday, I went in for a haircut and a reverse frost, since my hair is almost snow white, with a blonde highlight. The results was a dark, dark brown, which wasn't what I asked for.
Can I safely color over this frost immediately? And if so, what do you recommend? I will not go back to the person who didn't listen to my instructions.

A: Certainly, the choice of whether or not to return to a stylist for correction of a service received is entirely up to the client. Such a matter is governed largely by issues of trust, and since you do not feel that the hair stylist paid sufficient attention to your desires the first time, there can be no trust there.
As for your options for dealing with the results now, you should be able to have a corrective service done. However, this is ONLY if your hair is in sufficiently good condition to withstand what will need to be done.
From what you describe, you will need to have the color that was applied in this most recent service lightened to the light blonde level and then a toner should be applied to give you the precise shade you want.
I suggest you find a new hair salon to perform this service for you, since it will require targeting the specific hair that was previously colored in order to prevent overstressing all of your hair with the repetition of services. This sort of work will likely involve the use of foils or will need a practiced eye to isolate the colored hair through a cap.
In any case, it isn't something you can readily accomplish by yourself, and you are best served by seeking a professional's assistance to minimize the damage to your hair.
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