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Super Pastel & Super Lightener

Q: What does super pastel lifter shade mean (no shade)? And what does super lightener (anti-yellow mean)? Are these colors used to lighten hair and if yes how can be used on another color? They correct brassy colors, such as ash?
A: Most haircolor formulas that are described as “pastel”, “super pastel”, “lift shades” and similar terms referring to light tones of color are meant as colorants and toning shades for very pale blonde color tones. These are used to create and imitate the very pale-looking Nordic blond tones of hair color.
Dikson Pastel Color A “super lightener (anti-yellow)” refers to a high-lift formula hair bleach designed to lighten the hair quickly to the very pale shades of blonde from darker color levels (the ‘anti-yellow’ possibly refers to agents and additives designed to neutralize any yellowing that may occur during the lightening). Without knowing specific products, I can only make assumptions.
The “super lightener” would be used to lighten the hair (probably to a specific level desired by the stylist) and then the “super pastel lifter shade” would be used to create the finished tone in the pale blonde hair color according to the desired results. A pastel shade could easily be used to add warmth to a cool hair color, even on that is in the darker spectrum of colors. It could also be used to neutralize brassy tones such as overly-yellow, orange or too-red color shades.
{Ash is not a brassy color. Ash is simply a term referring to a cool-based color shade usually based with blue or green tones. Brassy colors usually are warm tones. When ash tones are overdone, the effect is usually “green hair”.}
The effect achieved depends on the specific shade of pastel color used – violet counters yellow, blue counters orange, green (drab) counters red, and vice-versa.
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