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How to Take Yellow out of Hair

Q: I was just wondering if I can buy a hair shampoo that is designed to take yellow out of hair. I know that (Clynol Reflex Silver Shampoo) is good but it's from the UK. I live in Australia - Victoria - do you know where I can get some shampoo? Plus, is it true that Ketchup takes yellow out of hair (if you leave it on for 30 minutes)? Thanks for your time.
Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo A: You might try looking for other brands of shampoos for silver hair, such as Clairol's Shimmer Lights, or L'Oréal's Expert Silver Shampoo. Many salon chains also offer their own brands of anti-yellowing shampoos, so you could check with your local salon chains, specifically those that offer retail product lines in the salon.
For a more economical course of treatment, you might consider using a laundry additive referred to as a blueing agent added to your favorite clarifying shampoo. I would suggest a ratio of five parts of shampoo to one part of blueing agent. This can then be applied to wet hair and worked into lather and then allowed to sit on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing it away.
Whether you use a retail product or the blueing agent/shampoo combination, you want to make sure you wear gloves whenever you use these products since they can stain the skin and nails for a brief period of time.
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