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Triangle-Round Face & No Neck Hairstyles

Q: I have a triangle (pear)/round face, but my biggest obstacle is what I refer to as "no neck syndrome". What hairstyles would best suit these issues? Thank you kindly.
A: Generally, I would recommend that you remember the basic rules of hair design. The goal is always to create an oval shape to the face. In your case, this seems to involve a style that features added volume and bulk at the top of the head which tapers to a close-lain style around the bottom of the face.
hairstyle for a short neck
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You might try a short layered look, with steeply layered edges. The length should stop around the chin level and end with wispy texturing. The added volume and bulk can come from the use of curl in the upper portions of the style. The style can be made very trendy and stylish by using a choppy texturing technique with scissors or a razor.
The important thing to remember is that you want to avoid horizontal lines and added bulk at the lower portions of the face. If you draw the focus toward a horizontal axis you will only increase the impression of the triangularity of the face and the width of the neck.
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