Hair and Menopause

Woman with neck length curly hair
Q: My extremely curly hair was noticeably straighter while I was on the pill and during pregnancy. Now I am about to enter menopause. Will my extremely curly hair grow straight with the onset of menopause?
A: It is possible. Knowing how your hair has responded to previous hormonal changes can always give you a good idea of how it will respond to future ones.
Many women experience a change in their hair's texture and wave pattern after menopause. The actual changes vary from woman to woman along genetic traits. A common complaint, however, is that the hair tends to lose moisture at an increasing level as we age. To complicate matters, if the hair loses pigment and turns gray, it can often become resistant and less porous making the gray hair harder to moisturize.
Make certain that you update your hair care routine as you get older. It becomes especially important to condition the hair every day, and you may want to add a deep-conditioning treatment every week to help boost the moisture levels of the hair.
Since the hair can become "less curlable" as it becomes dried out, keeping the moisture level replenished can help you to keep your curls longer and make sure they remain manageable.
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