Layered Without Angled Front Corners

Hair stylist who is cutting and layering hair
Photo: Alpa Prod/Shutterstock
Q: I like my hair layered but don't like the front corners to be cut. It seems like most stylists want to angle the front (corners) and most don't know how to blend the rest of the hair when I make this request. They blend all of the hair but don't blend the front (leave them untouched) with the rest of the hair. The haircut ends up looking lopsided and uneven in the front.
How can I find a stylist that knows how to achieve a layered cut without cutting into the corners and what description or technique will they describe so I can be sure they are experienced enough to do this? I have had 4 haircuts trying to get a nice cut but to no avail. I would appreciate your feedback.

A: Your best option is to find a photograph of the specific style you are looking for. Or a photo of a style that is close approximation and explain carefully the differences you are looking to achieve.
Your biggest problem sounds like a communication issue, and you need to make sure to show the stylist something that isn't open to interpretation. A photograph does this job better than words unless you are familiar with the terms the stylist uses for different styling elements.
Don't forget to use terms that are as specific as possible. Use specific descriptions, such as "I want to keep the look of the corners at the lower front of the style, but blend the length around my face." That lets your stylist know specifically what you expect and opens a course for dialogue if he or she disagrees with that as a look for you.
Most stylists, however, only want to make sure things are the way the client wants, so the clearer the instruction, the happier they will be.
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