Cosmetology & Infrared Light

Flat iron with infrared light
Photo: Shutterstock
Q: In what ways does infrared light relate to cosmetology?
A: Infrared light is used in a variety of services to treat various conditions of the skin and hair. Because infrared radiation has the longest wavelengths and is the warmer of the various shades of the light spectrum it is often used in deep penetration heat therapies.
Specialized lamps are used in many salons to apply deep penetrating heat therapies for deep conditioning of the hair, or for deep penetration of the skin in treatments for those who have severely dry skin conditions.
Using infrared light therapies require close monitoring and the client should never be exposed to infrared light for longer than five minutes at a given session. Because the infrared light penetrates so deeply into the tissues and fibers of the hair and skin, the potential for deep tissue burns is greater.
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