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Head-banger Hairstyles

Q: I’m a metal-head. A head-banger if you wish. My hair is straight and long. It is a few inches past my shoulders. It’s plain and boring but I love to head-bang with it. I want to know, what is a good hairstyle for a teenager that is long enough to head-bang, but sexy enough to get the ladies?
A: Well, no single hairstyle is going to please everyone and still give you the functionality you desire, but there are some good tips for the type of hair you describe and the effect you want.
Add Layers:
First you should bear in mind that the long, straight, blunt cut can look “bland” although having the length gives you a lot to flip around when head-banging. Why not trade some of that all-over length for some esthetic interest by adding layers? You can use a classic shag cut, or update the look by using clean lines around the perimeter of the head (cutting the hair to frame the face) and adding box layers that leave the ends of the haircut looking solid but adding lots of layering in the interior.
Add Texture:
The hottest looks today bypass the traditional straight or curved lines in the outline of a haircut in favor of interesting angles and varying lengths. In addition, the hottest looks also tend to use a lot of texturing in layered styles. If you have a long, angular face, try a cut with an asymmetrical outline that breaks up the lengths of the style – one length at the fringe area, another length at the sides and a different length in back. When combined with lots of choppy layers, you can create a really interesting and fun look. AND you can keep the length sufficient that head-banging isn’t inhibited.
Add Color:
A lot of guys balk at the idea of adding color to their hairstyle, but the addition of highlights, or lowlights, can really increase the interested and esthetic look of a hairstyle. Take, for example, a layered haircut with the addition of a handful of bold highlights hidden in the inner layers of the hairstyle (or if you have light-colored hair, dark lowlights). This kind of color addition means that when you’re head-banging you show off the highlights (or lowlights) to maximum effect, but the look is much more subtle and subdued (if you prefer it to be) when you’re going about your daily routine.
As an alternative, and a more ‘in-your-face’ look, try sectioning the layered cut into small sections (2x2 inches, or 3x3 inches) and lighten the ends of these sections (or if you have light hair, use a dark or bold color). This creates a look that is more visible, but equally exciting in your head-banging setting.
The bottom line is going to depend on what you really want as a look. Do some searching on your own. Take a look at different magazines and online and gather some pictures of hairstyles you like (or that have elements that you like, such as highlighting, cutting angles, texturing, etc.) and take them to your stylist and talk about the changes you’d like to make and see what the two of you together can come up with.
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