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Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

Q: What style do you recommend for a man with thinning hair? I have a widow's peak and am thinning on the sides of it and a little in the middle behind it. I am only 25 and really don't want to shave my head!
A: I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it sounds as though you are developing male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). This is common among men and can begin to show signs as early as 17 or 18 (although the usual age is around 30). {A friend in high school was completely bald on top by the time we graduated.} The progression depends on genetic factors and can vary widely.
There are treatments available for male pattern hair loss, some by prescription and others now available over the counter. Many men have seen tremendous success with these products, however, you should be aware that even if these medications work for you, you will have to use them as directed from the point you begin into perpetuity. If you cease taking/using the medicines, you will lose all the hair you regained, and may lose hairs that would have been lost without the treatment.
As for styling hair that is thinning, one thing you need to do is avoid longer hairstyles. Thinner hair when grown long tends to look stringy. A good style that looks neat and flattering is to have the hair at the top of the head where it is thinning cut so that the hairs in the center of the top will reach to the top side of the head or a little shorter. The shorter lengths overlapping one another will make the hair appear thicker. The hair can be combed forward or obliquely at an angle and minimize the appearance of the widow's peak.
If you want to try to halt or reverse your hair loss, speak to your doctor about treatment. He can advise you on what treatment will best meet your needs and lifestyle.
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