Sun-In and Hair Coloring

Sun In
Q: Can I color my hair after using "Sun-In" for several years?
A: According to the manufacturers of Sun-In, Chattem, Inc., you can color the hair after using Sun-In. However, they offer the following advice on the subject:
"We suggest waiting at least 4 weeks after using Sun-In before you add any chemicals to your hair. Always do a test strand and follow product instructions."
Remember that Sun-In is actually a hair lightening product - albeit a mild one - and that the results of lightening the hair are permanent. Because of the nature of the product, it can make the hair more porous and you should always do your best to combat potential hair damage from styling and further hair color processes.
You will also want to note that Chattem, Inc. does NOT recommend using Sun-In on color-treated hair. So, once you color your hair, you will need to avoid any further use of the Sun-In product.
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