Pastor Troy Goatee & Mustache

Pastor Troy goatee
Q: I'm looking for information on African American goatees and current trends. In particular, I'm looking for information on something known as the "Pastor Troy."
A: The "Pastor Troy" facial hair style is named for the rap-star of the same name.
The Atlanta native is notable for his signature look which includes a mustache/goatee combo featuring close-cut hair above the nose and around the mouth and graduating to long hairs on the chin. The facial hair is trimmed into slim lines framing the mouth and cleanly defined edges to the overall shaping.
Here is a graphic depicting the particular facial hair style. The style is actually a modification of the older "van-dyke" style of facial hair.
The look is cropped far more closely in this modern variant, but should be carefully considered for each client, since it requires the ability to grow proper facial hair and will not look good with sparse or patchy facial hair types.
The prevalence of facial hair styling has been increasing among today's younger generation, and the majority of the trends have been for close-cropped facial hair, trimmed into very fine or intricate patterns.
For more images of "Pastor Troy" you can visit the artist's website.
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