New Haircut to Look Younger

Young man getting a new haircut
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Q: Regarding hairstyles for men: I’m currently 16 and my head shape is big at the head - perhaps a big forehead and a rather square/triangular face. What haircut would you advise for me to have to look younger? My typical one is cutting it short up to the top, like the number 3 or 2.
Should I leave it long like Emo’ hair (gelling at the back with long bangs covering the eye) or perhaps layer it because my hair is hard and thick in volume? If I can layer it, how short can it be and what styles can I have with layered short hair for men?

A: Well, without being able to visually examine your face shape, features, hair texture, wave pattern, condition and growth patterns, I can’t really do more than give you the broadest levels of advice on choosing a hairstyle. Even so, the basic principles for choosing a hairstyle are the same for men and women. The goal is to create the illusion of an oval-shaped face.
If your assessment of your face is accurate – big forehead, with square and/or triangular face – you will likely need to incorporate some form of bangs into your hairstyle and keep sufficient length to create some softening of the angles of your face. The popular Emo Kid look would probably be a good choice for this, and it would be a style that would be contemporary and appropriate to your age as well.
If you prefer something a little more “groomed”, or that will at least be versatile, you can try a modification of the Collegiate or Ivy League haircut. In this style the hair is cut to shorter lengths on the back and sides (usually a maximum of one inch in length) and gradually increasing in length to the forehead, where the length is traditionally around three to three-and-one-half inches. Since I specified a “modification” of this haircut, I would recommend a gradually increasing to at least five to six inches or more in the front.
If you prefer longer hair all-over, then you should consider having your hair razor cut. This allows for the creation of softer hairstyles and will help to soften the angles of your face.
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