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Emo Kid Hair

Q: What is 'Emo Kid' hair and how is it cut and/or styled?
A: The “Emo Kid” is a name to describe the young, pseudo-gothic, apathetic style that many teens have become fond of. According to a Wikipedia listing, the term “Emo” is defined as: “a slang term derived from the word "emotional", used to describe a range of fashion styles and attitudes somewhat affiliated with emo music and its related scene. As an adjective, emo can describe a style of fashion or music; or a general state of unhappiness or melancholy (as in "to feel emo"), as those stereotyped of emo are often unhappy, think they are misunderstood, and may have mild paranoia. Emo is also used as a noun, often pejoratively, to identify a member of the "emo scene" or someone viewed as fitting the "emo" stereotype.”
Emo Kid hair
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The styles worn by the majority of people trying to display an “Emo Kid” attitude are longer, shaggier styles. Often straight - or only wavy instead of curled - and textured, the hair is usually razor cut, and tends to be styled to hang into or at least partially obscuring the face. If the hair is shorter in length there is usually some layering in the back with exceptionally long fringe at the forehead area.
In longer styles, the hair is usually cut in box layering or multi-level layer sets to give the maximum “disheveled effect”. Again, the hair is usually allowed to go unkempt and hang into the face.
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