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Hairstyles to Look Older

Q: What hairstyles will make me look older? I'm 25, but still look like a 16 year old girl. I want to look older. My hair is straight, just over shoulder length and I have blunt bangs. Do I need to cut my hair short to look older?
A: While short hair is not necessarily the exclusive right of older women, longer hair does tend to go with younger women, and a long hair with bangs look does seem very youthful in attitude.
My recommendation is to look around at images and people who are around your age who have the look you want. You can then have a frame of reference for what you desire. If there is no specific look you want, look at the different elements that make you think of the styles as "more mature". You can then talk to your stylist about using the elements you like that he/she feels will flatter your face.
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