Eva Longoria's Layered Hair

Eva Longoria's long hair
Eva Longoria - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Q: How can I get Eva Longoria's long layered look? The layers are greatly defined and beautiful. My hair is rather long and stops under my bra strap. Thanks.
A: Eva Longoria's hairstyle is a classic long-layered cut (also called a shag cut) that has been followed up with razor texturing to soften the hair and define the layering. The hair is also highlighted in a manner designed to emphasize the layering.
In order to get this look you will need either to take a photograph of the look you want to your stylist and discuss it with him or her. Or, if you plan to attempt to create the look at home on your own, you should review our description of how to cut the long-layered haircut here on Hairfinder.
I usually discourage people from trying to use a razor tool on their own hair, but if you are truly intent on doing so you should get a manikin to practice on to perfect your technique and get comfortable with the way the tool is handled.
Eva Longoria's long layered haircut
Eva Longoria - Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
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