Less Harsh Hair Coloring

Store-bought hair coloring
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Q: What is less harsh and has fewer chemicals for coloring your hair: store-bought hair coloring or salon coloring? Please let me know as lately I have been having problems with salon coloring. Thank you.
A: Most at-home color formulas for permanent hair color use the exact same ingredients as the salon colors. (In fact, most makers make color for professionals and home use.) The major difference is that in an at-home kit, the developer is generally a weaker formula that is safer for an inexperienced individual to use.
The concern I have in what you've said is that while you mention having "problems with salon coloring", you don't cite any specific issue. This concerns me because if you are having a reaction to the color used in the salon (skin irritation or respiratory response) switching to an at-home color may not help.
If the problems are that you are becoming sensitive to the chemicals used to color the hair, then using an at-home formula could result in a bed reaction - without having a professional present.
If the problems are cosmetic, and that you feel the hair is being damaged by the color formula, then ask your stylist about color options. It may be that using a soy-developer formula could be the answer, or switching to a demi-permanent color as opposed to a permanent one.
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