Allergic Skin Reactions

Woman who is allergic to hair color
Photo: Aleksandr Markin/Shutterstock
Q: Are there any hair dyes which do not cause allergic skin reactions?
A: Odds are there is going to be someone who is allergic to some ingredient in any given hair color product. This is why it is required to do patch tests prior to using any permanent hair color.
Generally speaking, there are a number of hair dyes that use natural ingredients, and which are formulated to be without the most commonly known allergens in many hair color products. These hair dyes may not contain the common allergens, but they can't be considered hypoallergenic and should still be tested prior to use for sensitivity.
Among the companies offering natural hair color products are Cosval with the Sanotint line of products, and EcoColors offering their own line of natural ingredient hair dyes. These companies also offer online ordering and ship to a wide area if not to everywhere worldwide.
If you find that you are allergic/sensitive to most permanent hair colors, perhaps you should look at using semi-permanent or even temporary hair color as these are often even less likely to cause allergic responses.
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