Keith Urban's Hair

Keith Urban with long hair and sunglasses
Keith Urban with long hair - Photo by PR Photos
Q: Do you have a diagram of Keith Urban's haircut? I am a stylist and I have a client that would like it ...
A: You can see from the diagram shown here that Keith Urban's signature hairstyle is actually a modified long-layered cut.
The top lengths are cut so that when allowed to fall the ends of the hair stop below the ears and are used as a guide length for the hair at the lower portions of the head, which are cut into uniform layers by holding them out at ninety degree elevation and cutting them on a vertical cutting line.
The cut is finished by using a razor tool to smooth and soften the cutting lines and keep the ends light and wispy.
How to cut a Keith Urban haircut
The style works best with finer textures of hair and hair that is mostly straight. The hairstyle should be maintained by blow-drying to an almost dry state using a smoothing balm or anti-frizz serum and allowing the hair to finish drying naturally. Using a round brush to give the ends a little outward "flick" is a good trick.
Keith Urban hair
Keith Urban - Photos by PR Photos
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