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Getting Hair Thinned

Q: I am thinking about getting my thick, curly, long hair thinned. Will this make my hair more manageable and easier to straighten? Because I do that a lot and people say it's way more manageable (that have got there hair thinned)!
A: Well, people who have thick hair often find that thinning the hair can make it more manageable and easier to style in some ways. When it comes to straightening the hair with a flat iron, this will definitely be the case. The biggest mistake most people make is overloading their flat irons when straightening the hair.
This leads to making more passes with the iron, using higher temperatures, and basically causing more damage to the hair than if you used thinner slices of hair while straightening it. It will also remove bulk from curly styles and can leave the hair suitably shaped to allow you to bypass the need for additional styling. You may instead (if the hair is curly) be able to simply apply product to your towel-dried hair and run your fingers through it, then allow it to dry naturally.
Be cautious of over-thinning the hair. Make sure to keep track of when and how much the hair is thinned and make a note in your calendar. You should typically only have your hair thinned every third haircut. Doing so more often can result in stringy-looking results and more easily damaged hair.
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