High Elevation Haircut

High elevation hair cutting
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Q: I was wondering if you could tell me the step-by-step instructions for doing a high-elevation haircut.
A: I think we may need to do some clarifications in terms here, because a high-elevation haircut could refer to any number of styles. Elevation is a term that refers to the relationship between the position of the hair and the horizontal plane of the floor.
Zero elevation means that the hair is held straight down, perpendicular to the floor. Ninety-degree elevation means that the hair is held horizontally to be parallel to the floor, and 180-degree elevation is when the hair is held once again perpendicular to the floor, but held straight up away from the head.
Hair cutting with high elevation
With that clear, the type of layering and spacing of the layers is determined by the combination of the elevation and the cutting angle used.
If by "high-elevation haircut" you were referring to a "long-layered" haircut (in which all of the hair is held at 180-degree elevation and cut to a specified guide length) then you can find the instructions for this in our previous article on long layered haircuts.
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