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Halloween: Afro Style for Long Hair

Q: Halloween is coming up and I want to do something crazy with my hair. I was thinking about getting an afro. The problem is I don't think it's possible because I'm Hispanic and have thick, very long hair that reaches halfway down my back. I don't want to wear a wig. Is there a chance that I can still get an afro, if so, how?
A: Your biggest problem is going to be the fact that you have so much length to your hair. The length of your hair is going to weigh down the hair a great deal and possibly prevent the ‘stand-up’ effect you want to achieve. I do however have an idea you may try.
Afro hairdo
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You will probably need to enlist the aid of a friend to help you as this is going to be pretty tedious work. I am presuming that you don’t want to make any permanent chemical changes to your hair, so I propose a very tight-curled roller set using small perm rods. You will want to use the pink and blue perm rods (or if making the investment in perm rods seems like a waste of money or simply isn’t in your budget right now, you could use drinking straws with bob pins).
You want to roll your hair on the small rods or straws as carefully and neatly as possible. You may want to cut the straws in half and use them. Use end papers to ensure a clean wrap and secure the straws with bob pins on either side. Be sure to keep the hair moistened but not too wet when wrapping it so that you can dry it more easily.
After the hair is fully wrapped, let it dry FULLY. This may take a long time. If you have access to a bonnet or hooded dryer, make use of it. Once the hair is fully dry, you can take down the curls and begin picking out the hair using a pick or a wide-tooth comb. Work from the ends and make your way up.
The tight curls will allow you to make the hair puff up as you pick out the curls. Once the hair is puffed out fully, you can go with this look if you like, or pull the hair up in an elastic holder or band of some type at the crown or top of the head and make what is called an “afro puff” style. This would give you more of the “rounded afro” look you are after without having to cut any length from your hair.
Once you have the hair secured in the elastic and have picked the hair out to create the puff ball, you can lightly spray the hair with hairspray and press with your hand to smooth the ball into a soft round shape.
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