Protect Hair when Drying

Woman who is drying her long hair
Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock
Q: My hair was badly damaged by heat styling and it took me ages to grow it out after a drastic haircut. Now I am considering coloring my hair a lighter brown.
Is there a way to protect my hair when drying it? I want to keep my new long hair healthy. I don't want to damage it again.

A: The best option is to invest in an Ionic Dryer. The ionic technology allows you to dry the hair using less heat and it breaks down the water molecules so that the hair dries faster, though the actual reduction in time may be minimal. However, the use of lower heat is a valid benefit as it reduces the level of stress on the hair.
User reviews on most every site offering ionic dryers rave about the fact that they do help to leave the hair smoother and shinier.
In addition to ionic features, look for an iron that also offers a ceramic-coated heating element. The ceramic hairdryers allow for more even heating and therefore less risk of hot spots when the dryer is on during longer periods.
If buying a new dryer is not an option, or if you have a ceramic/ionic dryer already, then look for protecting products designed for use before drying the hair. Even a leave-in conditioner will help you to reduce the risk of damage to the hair.
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