Straight with Curly Ends

Straight hair with curls at the end
Photo: ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock
Q: I want to do a blow dry style with curls. I wish to have my hair straight from the roots to the middle and then curly at the ends. Which products should I use to get that type of style, and which equipment is better for that type of curl, tongs or a curling iron?
A: The best option for getting this look will be to blowdry the hair straight using styling gel, mousse, or your favorite styling lotion, along with smoothing serum or anti-frizz treatment.
Once dry, use your flat iron to smooth the hair to the point where you want the hair to be smooth, then after allowing the hair to cool again, use your curling iron to add targeted curl to the hair as far up the shaft of the hair as you want. You can alternate the direction of the curls to give a balanced, organic look to the finished style.
Be sure to allow the curls to cool before further manipulating them, but once cool, you can comb out the curl to fluff the hair, or you can lightly mist the hair with spray and use your fingers to give the curls more definition.
Another variant on the style you describe is to style the hair straight, and then add in curls in sporadic points around the head, giving a random effect to the curl. Be sure to include some curls underneath the outer layers of the hair that become more readily visible as you move.
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