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Up-Style with Curling Iron

Q: I was under the impression that a curling iron would be used, then curls pinned as needed. I read an article that, after they made a pony tail and inserted a hair comb:
"...we begin separating ½-to-1 inch strands of hair from the inner perimeter of the expandable comb using our tail comb, combing them smooth with the comb and our fingers and shaping them into large soft coils of hair. These coils are pinned into place to cover the expandable comb using bob pins, arranging them as desired. Continue separating and arranging the strands of hair until the upper half of the expandable comb is concealed. Be sure that you always insert your bob pins with the ridged-side toward the scalp, as this provides more secure traction for the pin and anchoring for the curl."
Is this just another method? Please advise me. And thank you!

A: The article you are referencing is from our site here at Hairfinder, and is titled, “A Comfortable Up-Style”. I’m not sure what gave you the impression that a curling iron would be used in creating the style, since at no point in the demonstration is a curling iron even mentioned.
comfortable updo

The purpose of the styling demonstration is to show an attractive up-style that is comfortable to wear for those women with a tender scalp, and one which is easy to create.
You could certainly use a curling iron to create the style, by wrapping the hair around the iron and curling it, then pinning the curls into place. You could also roll the hair on hot rollers or use a standard wet-set on the hair inside the expandable comb and create any size curls you desire. However, for our purposes here, that simply adds an unneeded step to the process.
If it helps you to think of it that way, simply consider this another method of arranging the hairstyle.
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